We create a quality of musical experience which is peerless.
Our service is bespoke, our philosophy unique and our results renowned the world over.

“The Living Voice multi-way horn was something else, at times I was transfixed by the explicit diction and near seamless coherence, while the sense of natural presence and live dynamics, without a shadow of exaggeration, near on mythical – self evidently a prodigious tour de force by Kevin and co.”

Martin Colloms
HifiCritic.com Forum
(Munich High End Show), May 2013

The World’s Finest HiFi Systems

Such is our commitment to celebrating and communicating the power and beauty of great music, we have sought out the world’s most artful and inspirational audio creations, including the emotionally persuasive and sublimely beautiful Kondo KSL valve (vacuum tube) components and cables.

Where none existed which matched our ambition, we created our own. Most recently, we developed the Living Voice Vox Olympian, considered by many to be the world’s finest loudspeaker.

Our attention to detail is internationally renowned, our enthusiasm inexhaustible. One might say we do indeed offer ‘definitive audio.’

Two channel systems from under £10,000 to around £1 million.

the definitive product range includes:

Art Audio | Box Furniture | Canary Audio | CEC | Kondo KSL | Living Voice | Resolution Audio | SME | Trafomatic Audio | Van Den Hul | VitaVox

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Our famous ‘stuff’ list of used and ex-dem audio equipment.
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January 2015
vox olympian/elysian
Roy Gregory’s assessment of the Living Voice Vox Olympian/ Elysian loudspeaker system starts our New Year with a bang. more info

October 2014
Gallic inspiration,
part two –

The CD player ‘re-imagined’ in extraordinary fashion… a new brand for our distribution portfolio. more info

October 2014
Gallic inspiration,
part one –

A labour of love ‘re-imagining’ the songs of Serge Gainsbourg… more info

September 2014
is a place for appreciating music in a leisurely and luxurious style, housed in the recently opened Merchants Tavern bar and restaurant (EC2).
more info

September 2014
bemax roadshow
demonstrating Kondo and Living Voice based systems at dealers in Germany & Austria.
more info

May 2014
We were in Munich again
for the High End Show, where we again demonstrated the Vox Olympian/Elysian System which was such a hit last year –
more info

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