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Definitive Audio’s List of Stuff

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(Last updated 6th January 2015).
Product Price New
Kondo KSL-Gakuon. 55 watt PSE 211 mono’s. Very rare and in beautiful condition. Very light use. £60000 £105000
CEC TL0 transport In moody black livery. Original crate & manual. V tasty. £5000 £17500
Sophia Electric 126S-03: Dual mono stereo PP 25 watts p/channel. VGC, 2 Yrs old. £2000 £5000
Reed 2a 10.5" Tonearm: Ebony arm in wooden presentation case, VGC. £1750 $5000
SME IV Kondo with silver internal wire. Fully refurbished and serviced by SME inc’ new arm tube. £1400 £2250
Trafomatic Audio Experience Line One line Pre amp with remote control. £995 £1895
Miyajima-Lab ETR-KSW step-up transformer. New. £1000 £1800
Miyajima-Lab ETR-800P step-up transformer. New. £800 £1350
Living Voice / Art Audio ‘Argento.’ Hard wired and silver wired PSE 300B single chassis power amplifier. 18 months old. Outboard, regulated filament supply; silver power and signal wiring; comprehensively saucy intestines. Intravenous joy. £12000 £16800
Kondo 5 way active crossover with first order slopes ideal for use with Goto type drivers. Designed and built by Mr Kondo for his own use… how’s that for provenance! £5000 --
Bryston 28B. Class B 1000 watt mono blocks. Boxed and beefy. £7000 (pair) --
Trafomatic Experience Line One. Line Pre amp. Organic and musical sound, but TLC required on RCA sockets. £500 £1800
Lamm ML1.1 Perfect condition. Light use. Boxed. £8000 £20000
Klipsch La Scala horn loaded loudspeakers. 3 way horn. Black. 100 dB/watt sensitivity. Perfect for SET amp. £2000 £8000
Audible Illusions Modulus L1 valve preampliifer with separate power supply. Line only. Great headphone amp! £800 --
Danley DTS20 tapped horn subwoofer (pair). Flat to 18Hz at 95dB/watt. 1 month old, as new. Wake up the neighbours… £3000 £6600
Mactone XM 34. 30 watts, push-pull EL34 integrated. Class A, hard-wired. Hand made in Japan. Foxy looks. New. £2500 £6900

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Definitive Stuff List

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