Definitive Audio’s list of ‘Stuff’

Our collection of part exchanged and ex–dem items. For more information, please call +44 (0)115 973 3222 or for the latest information on item availability.

‘Stuff’ last updated 23rd December 2016
Product Price New
Reimyo DAP 999EX. Excellent condition, circa 3 years old. £4000 £8500
Acoustic Zen 1m XLR interconnect. £500 --
New boxed pair of ELROG 211. £1000 --
ZYX R100 Yatra/ZN cartridge. Original box, case and cloth bag. Practically new. Maximum use 50 hours (probably less). £1200 £2200
Isotek Cleanline with 6 outputs & power cable. £750 --
Isotek GII Multilink. £800 --
Millenium interconnect. £400 --
Transparent Balanced MusikLink Ultra. £750 £1500
Canary CA301 300B Stereo PP power amp. Joy on a shoestring. Champagne fascia. 8 years, serviced. £2750 £6000
Canary KD2000 valve DSD DAC. Superb music maker. USB, S/PDIF, Uncle Tom Cobbley ’n’ all. Ex review. £5000 £6800
Mactone X18E Stereo preamplifier inc. major LV turbo. Fluid and expansive – Gene Kelly in a box. £5000 £10000
Mactone XM34 EL34 integrated amplifier. £2750 £6000
Trafomatic SM300B Black plinth. Ex dem less than 100 hours use. Handsome. £2500 £5800
Trafomatic Experience Two stereo power amp. A sweetheart. Walnut plinth with E.L. 300B. Hard wired version. One lady driver 12 months old. £2500 £4500
Trafomatic Experience Two stereo power amp with wenge plinth. £1800 £3000
Trafomatic Reference One Line preamp. Walnut plinth. £1250 £2500
Van den Hul MC-10 Special MC cartridge .75mV. Optimum load 100 ohms. Ex-dem less than 30 hours. £600 £950
Consonance Linear 1 preamplifier. June 2015. Boxed. £2000 £4500
Kondo 5 way active crossover with first order slopes ideal for use with Goto type drivers. Designed and built by Mr Kondo for his own use… how’s that for provenance! £3000 --

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