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We’ve always got lots going on. Occasionally we remember to tell you about at least a part of it.

Bespoke sound system design.

Our Living Voice system created for London venue Spiritland.

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March 2020

Sound & Vision.

2019  bristol show

Kevin Scott hits the airwaves, with Frank Kuzma and Simon Shilton.

Kuzma, SJS, Living Voice posse.

While we were pootling away making some very agreeable sounds in Bristol, there were a number of chaps who kept hoving into view bearing microphones and cameras, apparently keen to pose some questions on what we were up to. It seems only fair to let you hear, and indeed, in one case, see the answers.

Audio interviews with Paul Rigby, ‘The Audiophile Man,’ re Kuzma and Living Voice, and a video interview no less with Stuart of HifiPig on YouTube. HFP’s Big Show Report here.

Or just the words. No lights, no camera, and no action, but a good writeup of the Show from the Audiophile Musings blog.

January 2020

A Grand Day Out.

2019  bristol show

Three days, actually. We’ll be at the Bristol Show in February.

Kuzma arm detail

Our first show in the UK since Queen Victoria was still on the throne, or something like that (we’re not good with dates).

To keep us company, we’ll have Franc Kuzma and Simon Shilton in attendance as well. More information on our home page.

September 2019

We’re now the UK distributors for Kuzma.

stop press news

We are absolutely delighted to be representing Kuzma in the UK.

Kuzma turntables, tonearms & cartidge detail

Most analogue enthusiasts will be familiar with at least some of the Kuzma portfolio – it is stacked with gems – gems we have admired for years which have won awards from critics the world over, year after year.

August 2019

New product range – Lateral Audio Stands.

lateral logo

Another addition to our product portfolio, Lateral equipment tables, designed and manufactured in the UK.

Lateral equipment tables

Near neighbours of ours in Derbyshire as it turns out. Excellent. More information soon.

August 2019

New product range – Triode.

triode logo

A new addition to our product portfolio, we’re now the UK distributor for Triode of Japan.

Triode valve amps from Japan

We’ve encountered these previously on our travels and been impressed by what we heard – a recent opportunity to assess them in greater depth has led to our being appointed UK distributor. Fluid, engaging and as a bonus, rather fetching visually, we think the Triode range represents a lot of amplifier for the money. More details to follow.

August 2019

A new finish – matt black.

living voice logo

We’ve traditionally been rather conservative in our range of finishes for the Auditorium Series, tending to offer only various shades of tree.

Living Voice R25A in matt black finish

The recent introduction of the R25A in an experimental ‘flat white’ finish has proved a popular alternative, so without getting carried away, we’ve produced a matt black variation, with which we have to admit we’re rather pleased. Available as a colour option on selected models from September.

At this rate, the high-gloss pillar-box red limited edition R25 ‘Santa’ can’t be far away. Or perhaps not…

july 2019

A new Living Voice website.

living voice logo

It’s taken rather longer than we anticipated – always so many plates spinning at Definitive HQ – but the new Living Voice site is now ‘live.’

Living Voice designer Kevin Scott

We have a lot more product information than previously, not only on the Auditorium and Vox speaker ranges but also on our Pure Music Battery Power Supply and the G Series Equipment Supports.

And if that wasn’t already quite sufficient to make your cup runneth over, there are a couple of in-depth Q&A sessions with Kevin Scott on the development of the Auditorium R25A and the Vox Olympian.

Living Voice.
june 2019

Sneak peek at our forthcoming R80 loudspeaker.

A look into the future, with the prototype R80 (probably, final name not yet decided) we sneaked into Munich, albeit only on static display.

Two things we learned; 1] there’s a lot of interest in a larger LV speaker, and 2] our piano-gloss ebony finish, while strikingly beautiful, is a real ****** to photograph.

Living Voice R80 prototype

It’s early days yet, but it’s an 80 litre reflex loaded MTM design, using – at the moment – front and rear-firing Scanspeak Elipticore HF units. Overall sensitivity is a high 95dB, and the bandwidth is near full range. We’re currently enjoying some lovely results with the second development build.

Experience shows, however, that loudspeakers can be very uncooperative bedfellows and therefore the specification may change rather significantly over the coming months.

All being well, we hope to have an official launch around the end of the year. The plan is to have two R80 models available: an IBX version (with inboard crossover) and an OBX version (with outboard crossover) in two finishes; a ‘vanilla’ option and the high-gloss ebony to torture photographers.

Starting price point will be circa £33,000.

may 2019

Kondo (Audio Note Japan).

We have always followed our heart because that’s where music communicates – it is fundamental to us that we feel a powerful connection to the brands that we represent and that’s why we have designs that we feel the most passionate about.

Over the years we have enjoyed a good working relationship with Kondo and it is now time for us to move on and make way for someone who feels as passionate about their new designs as we do about their originals. We wish them well for the future.

Needless to say we will still offer backup support and service on all of the Kondo equipment we have sold over the course of the last 16 years.

may 2019

Srajan Ebaen previews our presence at Munich 2019.

6 moons logo

6 Moons selects our demonstration room at Munich as one not to be missed. Atrium 4 : E220.

read the article r25a system

Plus our 25th anniversary model reviewed.

Srajan has also published his review of the Auditorium R25A, which will be on regular demonstration in Munich, along with our OBX-RW3 in a striking high-gloss ebony finish.

And just perhaps, a small (well, not that diminutive actually) surprise…

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april 2019

The Ear’s Jason Kennedy asking Kevin Scott about the art of speaker design Living Voice style.

the ear logo

Jason Kennedy quizzes our fearless leader on the evolution of the Auditorium R25A, developed to mark the 25th anniversary of our original loudspeaker.

audiobeat read the interview
february 2019

Second Spiritland opens in London’s Royal Festival Hall.

news item
Spiritland Royal Festival Hall opens. photo by Andrew-Meredith

Our Spiritland adventure continues – having worked closely with the Spiritland team on the sound system at their King’s Cross location, we we were delighted to collaborate again on their new RFH venue.

The system this time incorporates a pair of our original Air Partners, dating from the 1980s. Fortunately, the design has aged rather better than the hairstyles at least one of us sported in those days.

The Air Partners have effectively been ‘remixed’ to a 2018 specification, fully benefitting from the know-how and experience gained in developing our Olympian and Palladian systems.

More info on the new venue : Evening StandardThe Vinyl FactorySpiritland.

december 2018

The Auditorium ‘R25 Anniversary’ model.

LV Auditorium R25 Anniversary loudspeaker launched.

A new Living Voice speaker to celebrate a very important anniversary.

Although we can scarcely believe it, it’s 25 years since we introduced the original Auditorium loudspeaker. With a number of crossover tweaks and modifications, we consider it to be our finest Auditorium to date.

The first pairs have already shipped to Germany, and we’re trying very hard to remember to keep a pair here for demonstration.

june 2018

Munich High End 2018. Show reports.

news item

Our act of brazen lunacy in taking not one but two complete systems featuring the Vox Olympian and Vox Palladian respectively to Munich appears to have paid off. Feedback to our presence at the show has once again been overwhelmingly encouraging.

Mindful of the need to continually challenge ourselves, for next year we’re currently considering the logistics of a more circuitous route to the venue itself, transporting our kit across the Alps by elephant.

But back to this year meantime, with various show reports and feedback on the ‘Reviews’ page.

june 2018

Mono and Stereo’s Matej Isak interviews Kevin Scott.

news item
mono and stereo interview kevin scott

Our fearless leader makes another round of appearances in front of the video cameras at Munich High End 2018.

may 2018

The ‘Women in Hifi’ edition from HiFi Pig.

news item

HiFi Pig recently devoted a large part of a recent issue of their downloadable magazine to the involvement of women in the hifi industry, including a profile of our own Lynn Scott.

Read just the article on Lynn or the whole issue on HFP.

june 2018

We’re mightily impressed with the Grand Prix Audio Monaco 2.0.

news item

We’ve been open to adding another turntable to our portfolio for a while. A few recent contenders have been in the ‘close, but no cigar’ category, but the Monaco is most definitely going nowhere. (Actually, that’s not true, we took it to the Munich High End Show to front this year’s Vox Olympian system).

In fact, we’re so taken with the Monaco, Definitive Audio has become the UK distributor. The Monaco is on permanent demonstration now, and we’ll have the new Parabolica turntable in a few weeks. You can read Roy Gregory’s thoughts on the delightfully understated Monaco 2.0 here.

november 2017

More Spiritland coverage…

news item
news item photo by Andrew Urwin

The team from ‘HiFi Pig’ and ‘How To Spend It’ offer their perspective on the latest developments at Spiritland.

september 2017

On The Road Again. Again…

news item
obx rw3 detail

To Bonn this time, supporting our German distributors, Bemax Audio at the Westdeutsche HiFi Show in the Maritim Hotel over the weekend of September 30th/October 1st.

The system in use comprises Neodio Origine S2 and ‘The Beast’ Music Server sources, Kondo Overture MKII amplification and Living Voice OBX-RW3 loudspeakers, using Kondo cables.

More info from Bemax or the Show website.

July 2017

Living Voice Vox Listening Suite.

vox suite

We’ve recently been hard at work creating our dedicated listening studio for the Living Voice Vox Series horn loudspeaker systems. The objective is very much to allow these to be auditioned in a somewhat more optimised environment than is possible at a public show.

This article by The AudioBeat’s Roy Gregory summarises our progress to date.

April 2017

BBC Radio3 Record Review programme ‘live’ from Spiritland.

news item

The Beeb’s Andrew McGregor celebrates Record Store Day 2017 and 60 years of Record Review with a special programme broadcast live from Spiritland, a listening café just north of King’s Cross in London.

Apparently they’ve got quite a nice stereo, or so we’ve heard anyway. Programme information.

February 2017

We discover the internet! Hey, better late than never.

news item
news item

It seems there’s a thing called FaceCloth (bleh), something else which we think is strictly for the birds and beyond that, we’ve sent a telegram. Sorry, we’re using Instagram. Twice, in fact.

Not only do we have a Definitive Audio Instagram page, but in the spirit of sibling rivalry, so does Living Voice. First one to 100 posts gets a telegram from the Queen, or something like that.

February 2017

Out of the box thinking… in beautiful boxes.

news item

Highly individual circuit designs which bring life, expression and vitality to the musical performance that delights and bedazzles in equal measure. Knockout. Definitive Audio is excited to be representing the full range of SJS Electroacoustics.

February 2017

Kevin Scott ‘live &unplugged’ at Spiritland…

news item
news item photo by Andrew Urwin

Well not exactly. But it’s Kevin explaining the objectives and challenges of the bespoke Living Voice sound system created for Spiritland, in the venue itself. He’ll be playing selections which highlight the full capabilities of this unique creation, and discuss what goes into building a system like this in the company of Spiritland's Artistic Director, Paul Noble.

Monday March 27th 2017. More information and ticket sales for a unique evening from Spiritland.

May 2016

Online journal HiFi Pig quizzes Kevin Scott about the Vox Palladian system.

news item
news item

“A high performance system is a complex organism, from the plugs in the wall to the room treatments, to the power supply and the equipment table. Everything matters. We take about three metric tonnes of equipment in purpose built flight cases”.

full interview
May 2016

Product of the Year Award for the Living Voice IBX-R2.

news item

Germany’s proving a particularly successful market for us at the moment, thanks in no small part to the team at our distributors Bemax, who also handle Living Voice distribution in Austria and Switzerland.

Of course we’ll be expecting them to do even better now the IBX-R2 has won Image HiFi magazine’s Product of the Year in the loudspeaker category. Nice.

May 2016

The ‘Vox Palladian roadshow’ heads for Munich.

news item
news item

Our now regular visit to Munich has seen us burning the midnight oil again. This year will see the first public showing of the Vox Palladian/Vox Basso horn loudspeaker system. Think Vox Olympian/Vox Elysian but on a slightly less exuberant scale. Roy Gregory has published an initial impressions piece on The AudioBeat.

The Vox Palladian will play every afternoon from 12.30pm on a system that includes a pair of Kondo Gakuoh monos with LV KR300B's, Neodio Origine CD player as well as the CEC TL0 3.0 transport and Kondo DAC.

We’ll be demonstrating in conjunction with our German distributor Bemax, who will be showcasing the new Living Voice OBX-RW3 every morning until 12.30pm. This system will include a pair of Kondo Kagura monos and Metronome Technologie CD player.
Full line-up to be determined on the day.
E220 Atrium 4.

May 2016

Living Voice KR300B now available.

news item

Living Voice has developed a 300B valve in conjunction with KR Audio. They are made with material and design features that voice the valve to our tastes and musical values. After an odyssey of over 10 years, we at last have a 300B that we prefer to the magnificent Western Electric. Thank the stars.

April 2016

A warm welcome to Engström.

news item
news item

Very rarely does a manufacturer make such an impression that we’re eager to add them to the portfolio. We’ve been evaluating the Monica pre-amp and the iconic Lars amplifiers from Engström (formerly Engström & Engström) for some time and generating some glorious results in the process.

Accordingly, we’re becoming their official UK representatives. More information once we catch our breath after Munich.

April 2016

The Auditorium Series reaches R3 status.

news item

The Auditorium base model has actually been carrying the R3 nomenclature for some 18 months. Although we rarely launch an ‘official’ upgrade, the Auditoriums are in fact always evolving. The latest models however have gained not only new cabinets but in the case of the IBX/OBX R and RW models, now feature drive units designed & manufactured to our precise – and exclusive – specification.

More information to follow, once the dust settles after the Munich Show. In the meantime, we have the first review of the IBX-RW3.

October 2015

The ‘Vox Olympian roadshow’ heads for Warsaw.

news item

The Warsaw Audio Video Show is now second only to Munich in the rankings of ‘high-end’ shows in Europe. (Show dates 6-8th November).

Shipping, installing and fine-tuning the Vox Olympian/Elysian system is hugely time-consuming and ratchets our stress levels off the scale.

We’ve already been in Munich and Bangkok in 2015, naturally we couldn’t resist another opportunity to raise our collective blood pressure.

More about our presence at the show