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Bristol HiFi Show 2020 ▫ 21st– 23rd Feb ▫ Rooms 413 & 415, 4th Floor

Come along and meet Living Voice designer Kevin Scott and Kuzma maestro Franc Kuzma.

To mark our appointment as their UK distributors, we’ll be featuring a number of Kuzma turntables, arms & cartridges in our first appearance at a UK hifi show in over a decade.

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And A Last Minute Surprise Guest!

Simon Shilton of SJS will also be with us on Saturday & Sunday and will happily chat about his designs and ongoing close collaboration with Living Voice. Except for the secret stuff, obviously.

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The Show System.

The reality is we’ll make final decisions on exactly which options to take when it’s nearly time to load the wagon. But at the moment, it’s extremely likely we’ll be packing, at the very least, the following:

Kuzma arm detail

turntables, arms & cartridges


One of the very best, not just in terms of musical believability but in engineering conception and precision execution.

We’re delighted to be representing Kuzma in the UK and we warmly welcome enquiries from fellow specialist retailers keen to explore this wonderful portfolio of products.

SJS phono stage detail

phono stage & pre-amp

SJS Electroacoustics

If you were to search Google for a definition of ‘under the radar’ then one would imagine you’d likely find a reference to SJS.

A mainstay of our presentation at the Munich High End Show, and now adding elegant aesthetics to superb design & build, SJS brings enviable expression and vitality to music replay.

Tri amp detail


Triode Corp.

Previous encounters on our travels led to a desire to assess these amps in greater depth – and in turn to our being appointed UK distributor.

Fluid, engaging, and as a bonus, rather fetching visually, we think the Triode 300 Series monoblocks in particular represent a great deal of amplifier for the money.

OBX-RW3 detail


Living Voice

Funnily enough, we’ve always liked these and we consider the current generation models are the best yet by some distance.

We plan to use the OBX-RW3 for most of the Show, but we might occasionally sneak in the R25A, which surprised not a few listeners in Munich last year.

SAEC cable detail

interconnect, speaker & power cables


Another new brand for us. Those who know us well are doubtless very aware that any cable manufacturer in our portfolio has a tough act to follow.

Step forward SAEC.

G2 table detail

equipment tables

Living Voice

As the saying goes, ‘if a job’s worth doing…’

Actually, there are some very fine equipment tables on the market, although not so many that we didn’t think it was worth developing our own. The range now encompasses the G1, G2, G3 and the custom ‘built to order’ G8.


If you are wondering where the pinnacle in musical reproduction as a real and profound experience is happening, it is here.

Ed Barker, 6Moons, Switzerland. Reviews