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CH Precision stack
hifi plus

Martin Colloms examines the CH Precision approach in some depth and interviews co-founder Florian Cossy.

A 4-box system comprising phono stage, pre and power amps, plus associated PSU. If you ‘Googled’ for ‘flexible,’ we’d not be surprised to see this Swiss kit in the definition.

hifi plus

Alan Sircom’s take on the APL DSD-SR Mk2 DAC.

A well-kept secret, certainly in the UK, but Alex Peychev’s DACs have been essential listening for some time for anyone who typically finds digital a bit too ‘digital.’

LV 300B tube
6 moons

Dawid Grzyb succumbs to the subtle charms of our 300B.

We developed a Living Voice 300B valve in conjunction with KR Audio a couple of years back, with the objective of creating a valve superior to the renowned Western Electric 300B. Being us of course, we’ve rarely publicised them to any great degree, but nervertheless word is spreading…

GPA Monaco

The AudioBeat encounter GPA’s ‘flagship.’

Roy Gregory’s celebration of the Monaco 2.0.