Definitive Audio’s list of ‘Stuff’

Our collection of part exchanged and ex–dem items. For more information, please call +44 (0)115 973 3222 or for the latest information on item availability.

‘Stuff’ last updated 17th July 2019
Product Price New
ProAc Tablette 10 Signature – boxed as new. Silk white. £900 £1335
Sugden MasterClass DAC-4. Boxed as new. Titanuim. £950 £1825
Sim Audio Moon 100D DAC. Black. £300 £600
Devialet 250 4 years old. Absolutely as new, last year in storage. £7000 £11800
Canary CA 601 MkII – Living Voice upgrades, absolutely as new. £1500 --
Chapter Couplet power amplifier & Preface Plus line stage preampifier. Both with original blue flight cases and manuals. £2500 --
Koetsu Coral Stone Platinum cartridge. Max 100 hours use. £4000 £7900
Basis SA9 Superarm. As new and currently fitted to Brinkmann deck above. All original paperwork and packing available. £7000 £17000
Neodio Origine S1. Reviewed by TAS and TAB as the most musical CD player ever made. One previous owner. £7500 --
SME V with Kondo silver internal wire. New and boxed, surplus stock. £3500 £4400
CEC TL1N silver. High end CD transport. Battleship build quality. Previously owned. £4000 £8000
Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval 8 speaker cable banana to banana. Boxed as new. 4.8m stereo pair. £1500 --
Analysis Plus Oval 9 speaker cable banana to banana. Boxed as new. 4.8m stereo pair. £900 --
Audolici valve preamplifier with built in phono. Ex dem. £800 £2300
Canary C630 line level valve preamplifier. Blue case & champagne fascia. Ex dem. Boxed. £1000 £2500
Canary M90 25watt 300B PP stereo power amplifier. Blue case & champagne fascia. Boxed. £2000 £5000 (excl. valves)
Canary M90 25watt 300B PP stereo power amplifier. Black case & champagne fascia. Boxed. £2000 £5000 (excl. valves)
Canary CT600 top loading CD transport. Amongst the best. Black case & fascia. £2950 £6000
Canary M320 25 watt 300B integrated amplifier. Black case & fascia Ex dem. Boxed as new. £3950 £8000
Canary 339 LV 50 watt 300B mono amplifier. Ex dem. Black case & fascia. Recently serviced. £7000 £15000 (incl valves)
Canary Reference Two 80 watt 300B mono amplifier. Black case & facia. Ex dem. Recently serviced. £19000 £39000 (incl valves)
CEC CD5 top loading belt drive CD player. Ex review. Silver. £2000 £2700
CEC AMP53 integrated solid state amplifier. Surplus stock. £1500 £2650
Engström & Engström LARS LVA 30 watt fully balanced 300B mono amplifier. Ex Munich 2018 Show. £45000 £55000
Engström & Engström Monica LVA 2 box pre-amplifier. Ex Munich 2018 show. £32000 £40000
JC Verdier ‘Triode Spirit’ 2300B. 10 watts 300B stereo power amplifier. Lower case damaged. Exotic restoration project. Includes some valves. £3000 £15000
Kondo KSL IO-J MC cartridge. Mr Kondo classic design. Complete factory rebuild. New everything. Boxed. Warranty. £6000 £10000
Kondo IO-M moving coil phono cartridge. Used for 5 hours only at Munich Hi-End 2018. As new. £4000 £8400
Kondo KSL Overture. EL34, integrated valve amplifier. Boxed and certificated. £10000 £26400
Kondo SFz moving coil cartridge step-up transformer (SUT) for 1.5 ohm and 30 ohm internal impedance cartidges. Latest specification. Effectively new. 5 hours use. £5000 £10400
Mactone XM34 EL34 30 watt push pull integrated amplifier. Hand built & hard wired. Champagne case. Ex dem. £2000 £6600
Simon Yorke ‘transcription turntable’ with Yorke tonearm. Some bruises but a classic collectable and scarce piece. £4500 --
SME V-12 tonearm with Kondo silver internal wiring. New and boxed. Cancelled order. £4900 £6250
SME 20/3. 2018 model (current spec). Demonstator unit with 10 hours use. £6000 £8550
SME 20/3. New in a sealed box. Surplus stock. £7000 £8550

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