Definitive Audio’s list of ‘Stuff’

Our collection of part exchanged and ex–dem items. For more information, please call +44 (0)115 973 3222 or for the latest information on item availability.

‘Stuff’ last updated 16th September 2018
Product Price New
CEC AMP 53 power amp. As new 6 months old c/w original box. £1800 £2600
SME 20/2 turntable. Serial No. 1147. Spotless c/w original packaging. £3500 --
SME V tonearm with Kondo internal silver wire, fitted by SME from new. £1900 £4393
Kondo IO-M. Serial No. 304. Max 500 hours use. £3500 £8400
Horning Agathon in natural oak cabinets. Hybrid horn loaded speaker with Lowther PM2C bass driver & PM2A alnico midrange driver. Worth it for the drivers alone. £3000 --
Kondo KSL M7 Line pre-amplifier. Fine example with 3 line inputs. £12000 £29000
Canary C630 preamp. New. Excellent purist preamp. £1500 £2500
Canary CT600 transport with Phillips pro mechanism. Seriously well built & seriously well sounding. £3500 £6000
Canary M320 300B Integrated amplifier. Excellent condition. As new. £3500 £6000
Canary CA301 300B Stereo PP power amp. Joy on a shoestring. Blue fascia. 8 years, serviced. £2750 £6000
Kondo Ruthy loudspeakers. MTM infinite baffle design. Lacewood cabinet with full Kondo driver lineup. Rare if not blue.
NB. Option of Living Voice crossover – £20000.
£15000 (as seen) --
Analysis Plus Solo Oval 8 speaker cable with bananas. 16ft stero pair. As new. £1900 --
Analysis Plus Solo Oval 9 speaker cable with bananas. 16ft stereo pair. Barely used. Boxed. £1200 --
Acoustic Zen Silver reference 1m XLR interconnect. £500 --
Transparent Power Link Super. 2m UK power cable. £200 --
Mactone MH300B fully hard-wired stereo power amplifier with LV capacitor upgrade. Comes with a Border Patrol external HT power supply. Rare. £2950 --
Van den Hul Colibri XPM. New. £1500 £4500
Van den Hul Grasshopper III SLA. Fully refurbished by VDH. £900 £2850
Acoustic Zen 1m XLR interconnect. £500 --
ZYX R100 Yatra/ZN cartridge. Original box, case and cloth bag. Practically new. Maximum use 50 hours (probably less). £900 £2200
Yamamura Millennium interconnect. £400 --

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