Definitive Audio’s list of ‘Stuff’

Our collection of part exchanged and ex–dem items.

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‘Stuff’ last updated 14th November 2019
Product Price New
Bauer DPS3 turntable. Excellent condition. £3900 £5200
Bauer DPS3 (as above) with Kondo-wired SME V tonearm £6200 £9700
SME Model 10 fully refurbished by SME Oct 2019. £2600 --
SME 20/3. New platter. £5500 £11400
LV Avatar II cherry. Near mint condition. £2600 --
Puresound A30 integrated amplifier. £750 £1450
Van den Hul White Beauty. Fantastic cartridge, full service by VDH. £3000 £4170
Drive units bought for experiments that never happened. Tested and otherwise unused.
2 pcs FOSTEX FW208N 8" 8ohm woofer. £300 pair --
2 pcs FOSTEX T250D 8ohm pure magnesium dome tweeter. £500 pair --
2 pcs FOSTEX 48D dome tweeter 8ohms. Some light use. £250 pair --
2 pcs Radian 475PB-16 1" High Frequency compression driver. £200 pair --
2 pcs Radian 475BEPB-164 1" Beryllium high frequency compression driver. £900 pair --
2 pcs SEAS EXOTIC X3-06 T35 6ohm tweeter. £250 each --
4 pcs SEAS EXOTIC X2-08 W8 8" midrange woofer. Alnico magnet. £500 each --
Canary M90 power amplifier with 300Bs. Champagne facia. Punchy and fun. £4000 £5000 excl. valves
Volti Vittora in Rosewood cabinets with matching ELF cabinet and Marchand MB42 mono subwoofer amplifier. Packed in original crates. Immaculate condition. Made in 2013. £18500 £29900
Border Patrol S10 – special version full of exotic components. Special build with copper top and bottom plates, some slight sun fading on the wooden plinth and one surface scratch on left side. Circa 15 years. 4 years in storage. £3500 --
Neodio Origine S1. Reviewed by TAS and TAB as the most musical CD player ever made. One previous owner. £7500 --
SME V with Kondo silver internal wire. New and boxed, surplus stock. £3500 £4400
CEC TL1N silver. High end CD transport. Battleship build quality. Previously owned. £4000 £8000
Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval 8 speaker cable banana to banana. Boxed as new. 4.8m stereo pair. £1500 --
Analysis Plus Oval 9 speaker cable banana to banana. Boxed as new. 4.8m stereo pair. £900 --
Audolici valve preamplifier with built in phono. Ex dem. £800 £2300
Canary CT600 top loading CD transport. Amongst the best. Black case & fascia. £2950 £6000
Canary M320 25 watt 300B integrated amplifier. Black case & fascia Ex dem. Boxed as new. £3950 £8000
Canary 339 LV 50 watt 300B mono amplifier. Ex dem. Black case & fascia. Recently serviced. £7000 £15000 (incl valves)
Canary Reference Two 80 watt 300B mono amplifier. Black case & facia. Ex dem. Recently serviced. £19000 £39000 (incl valves)
CEC AMP53 integrated solid state amplifier. Surplus stock. £1500 £2650
Engström & Engström LARS LVA 30 watt fully balanced 300B mono amplifier. Ex Munich 2018 Show. £36000 £55000
Engström & Engström Monica LVA 2 box pre-amplifier. Ex Munich 2018 show. £23000 £40000
JC Verdier ‘Triode Spirit’ 2300B. 10 watts 300B stereo power amplifier. Lower case damaged. Exotic restoration project. Includes some valves. £3000 £15000
Kondo IO-M moving coil phono cartridge. Used for 5 hours only at Munich Hi-End 2018. As new. £3500 £8400
Kondo KSL Overture. EL34, integrated valve amplifier. Boxed and certificated. £10000 £26400
Kondo SFz moving coil cartridge step-up transformer (SUT) for 1.5 ohm and 30 ohm internal impedance cartidges. Latest specification. Effectively new. 5 hours use. £5000 £10400
Simon Yorke ‘transcription turntable’ with Yorke tonearm. Some bruises but a classic collectable and scarce piece. £4000 --
SME V-12 tonearm with Kondo silver internal wiring. New and boxed. Cancelled order. £4500 £6250

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