Definitive Audio’s list of ‘Stuff’

Our collection of part exchanged and ex–dem items.

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‘Stuff’ last updated 5th September 2020
Product Price New
Kondo Kegon 300B amplifier. 100 hours use. Crated and certificated. Pristine. £34000 £54000
Kondo Ongaku with original certificate signed by Mr Kondo February 2005. A rare gem that has never left the building. £45000 £81000
Living Voice Airscout. 105dB/w 3 way horn with Vitavox S5 midrange and 2019 crossover. Mahogany and Bird's Eye Maple cabinets. £15500 --
Sugden Masterclass IA-4. Stealth Black. As new. £4700 £5200
Audio Innovations S700. Fabulous condition. EL34 25W Class A line integrated. £1000 --
CEC TL3 belt drive CD transport. Ex-demo. Silver. Boxed. £1800 --
Triode TRV88SER Integrated KT88 with remote control, phono & headphone jack. £2500 --
Atelier du Triode 300B monos. £24000 --
Atelier du Triode 300B stereo power. £18000 --
Canary CA339 MKII monos in black. All valves and original boxes included. £7000 --
Kondo Gakuon monos. 50 watt class A flagship monos. £50000 --
KSL-Kondo M7 preamplifier (with phono & 3 inputs). New unit in a sealed box. £26000 --
Kondo Ruthy 3 loudspeakers came to the UK from Japan with the original owner. Lacewood cabinets & Kondo drive units. £20000 --
KSL-Kondo IO-M MC cartridge with pure silver windings. S/N 324 New in sealed box. £5000 --
KSL-Kondo IO-M MC cartridge with pure silver windings. S/N 64. Refurbished by Kondo 2019 & unused since. As new in sealed box. £4500 --
KSL-Kondo VzII 2m pair Silver interconnect cable. RCA-RCA. Boxed. 2 available. £2500 (each) --
KSL-Kondo VzII D Silver interconnect cable 1m. New. Boxed. £700 --
KSL-Kondo VcII Copper interconnect cable 1m pair RCA-RCA. Boxed. 4 available. £750 (each) --
KSL-Kondo VcII Copper interconnect cable 1.5m pair RCA-RCA. Boxed, £1100 --
KSL-Kondo VcII Copper interconnect cable 1m pair XLR-XLR Balanced. Boxed. £750 --
Kondo Attenuators. New. Removed from new M77 preamplifiers by us (replaced with Noble pots). 3 available. £450 (each) --
Ortofon ST80-SE Step-up. New & boxed. £1400 --
Van den Hul White Beauty. Fantastic cartridge, full service by VDH. £2750 £4170
Volti Vitorra 3 way horn loudspeaker system in beautiful Santos cabinets. Includes matching sub woofer and electronics. £20000 £40000
Canary M320 25 watt 300B integrated amplifier. Black case & fascia Ex dem. Boxed as new. £3950 £8000
Canary Reference Two 80 watt 300B mono amplifier. Black case & facia. Ex dem, less than 50 hours use. £19000 £39000 (incl valves)
JC Verdier ‘Triode Spirit’ 2300B. 10 watts 300B stereo power amplifier. Lower case damaged. Exotic restoration project. Includes some valves. £3000 £15000

Other Stuff

Product Price New
Electron valve / Vacuum tube corner. Clearing out our excess stock – when they’re gone they’re gone.
G.E. 6550A NOS. Boxed individually. 41 pcs available. £200 (each) --
SEIMENS EL34 NOS 1980's. Boxed individually. 72 pcs available. £100 (each) --
EAT 300B in presentation box. Matched pair. £1600 --
ELROG 300B in presentation box. 5 matched pairs available. £1100 (per pair) --
SHUGUANG 300B-Z in presentation box. Matched pair. £250 --
PSVANE 300B. Boxed individually. 8 available. £70 (each) --
PSVANE 300B-T in presentation box. Matched pair. ££370 --
PSVANE Replica Western Electric 300B. Presentation box. 4 available. £800 (each) --
PSVANE WR 2A3 Replica in individual presentation boxes. 4 available. £250 (each) --
PSVANE 211-TII in presentation box. Matched pair. £280 --
PSVANE 211 in presentation box. 2 pcs available. £160 (each) --
JJ 300B Boxed individually. 4 available. £100 (each) --
TJ 300B Mesh plate 300B Boxed individually. 16 matched pairs available. £300 (per pair) --
Electro Harmonix 300B. Boxed individually. 6 available. £75 (each) --
Golden Dragon 300B Super. Boxed matched pair. 2 available. £300 (per pair) --
Golden Dragon 2A3 Premium. Boxed matched pair. 2 available. £300 (per pair) --
NOS Russian 6C33C/B Ulyanov. Boxed matched quad. ££200 (per quad) --
RCA Cunningham Radiotron (1941) rare and unobtainium single plate 2A3. May never have been used. Tested. 4 pcs available. £2000 (for the quad) --
Western Electric 300B (1990s). Boxed individually, 30 pcs available. Vary in age and hours of use from very light use to moderate. All are in the original W.E. boxes, some include original documents and some have W.E. wooden presentation boxes. We have meticulously ‘current matched’ them into pairs.

Prices from £1900 –£2400 per pair, please email enquiries.

from £1900 (per pair) --
Drive units bought for experiments that never happened. Tested and otherwise unused.
2 pcs SEAS EXOTIC X2-08 W8 8" midrange woofer. Alnico magnet. £500 each --
2 pcs FOSTEX FW208N 8" 8ohm woofer. £300 pair --
2 pcs FOSTEX 48D dome tweeter 8ohms. Some light use. £250 pair --
2 pcs SEAS EXOTIC X2-08 W8 8" midrange woofer. Alnico magnet. £500 each --

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