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October 2020

We’ve won a gong!

Diapason D'Or

France’s prestigious Diapason magazine has awarded the Auditorium R25A a coveted ‘D’or’ Award.

Original French version meantime, English translation to follow.

Diapason D'Or

August 2020

We R4!
Our Auditorium Series reaches its 4th generation.

Living Voice logo

The Auditorium Series has reached R4 status with effect from September 1st 2020. All production from that date will be to the R4 specification.

auditorium R25A

We believe the R4 models deliver a significant increase in attainable performance levels over their predecessors.

There’s a brief interim summary of the changes on the Living Voice website, we’ll be updating the descriptions & specifications shortly.

August 2020

Any questions?


Mono and Stereo puts us on the spot with regard to the why, when and what has shaped Definitive Audio over the years.

Kevin Scott

Study the accompanying photographs carefully – we’ll be asking questions later. Well, not really, but the keen-eyed and bushy-tailed may spot one or two products which are currently supplying an abundance of charm and delight, to say nothing of the occasional raised eyebrow. Interesting times at Definitive HQ.

March 2020

Sound & Vision.

2019  bristol show

Kevin Scott hits the airwaves, with Frank Kuzma and Simon Shilton.

Kuzma, SJS, Living Voice posse.

Audio interviews with Paul Rigby, ‘The Audiophile Man,’ re Kuzma and Living Voice, and a video interview no less with Stuart of HifiPig on YouTube. HFP’s Big Show Report here.

Or just the words. No lights, no camera, and no action, but a good writeup of the Show from the Audiophile Musings blog.